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Thursday, 22 June 2017

I Dumped Him Over Domestic Violence, Fetish Objects – Vera Sidika

Kenyan Socailite Vera Sidika Says she dumped her ex, Nigerian BoyFriend Yomi, over domestic violence, and went for deliverance after catching him with some fetish objects.

See below:

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"My DM has seen all colours, shapes and sizes of of d**k" - Huddah Monroe

Kenyan Socialite & former BBA housemate, Huddah Monroe took to IG today to cry out after receiving yet another nude photo from a guy she's not interested in. See the photo after the cut.

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Dozens dead and many more injured in suicide car bombing in Afghanistan

At least 29 persons have died and more than 60 injured in a suicide car bombing  targeted at Afghan soldiers lining up outside a bank in southern Helmand province, Afghanistan.

According to the governor of Helmand province, Hayatullah Hayat, most of the people killed in the explosion were civilians who likely had gathered there to collect salaries ahead of the upcoming holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

He said the attack outside the Kabul Bank in the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah, also wounded 60 people.

Speaking to Associated Press, Haji Moladad Tobagar, health director in Lashkargah said that the hospital received 25 bodies after the attack, as well as 60 wounded.

He says he fears an even higher casualty toll as more victims were being brought in. The discrepancies in the casualty tolls could not immediately be reconciled.
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Why i left Jenifa Diaries- Olayode 'Toyo baby' Juliana finally opens up about her departure from Jenifa Diaries

In April 2017, LIB exclusively confirmed that Olayode Juliana, popularly known as 'Toyo Baby' in Funke Akindele-Bello's popular Television comic series, Jenifa's Diaries, has been cut from production. This was initially denied by Juliana during her reaction to our post on social media, but she has now come clean about their misunderstanding.
In a post on her website minutes ago, she opene up about their relationship, claiming that she was Funke's unofficial; Personal Assistant, Makeup artist, Caterer, Costumier, Driver, Cleaner, Washer woman, Masseur, Prayer partner and Script adviser. Read what she wrote after the cut...
The relationship between Jenifa and Toyo Baby UNCENSORED!
It hurts when people spread lies about you and you cannot do anything to defend yourself. But thank God for a platform like this. I would be saying a lot of things; it would be a long read but I promise you would enjoy reading. I would be stating in clear terms the relationship I had with Aunty Funke. I used ‘had’ and would be talking in past tense because like you know, I am presently not on the Jenifa’s Diary series. And guess what? The news just broke lately, but I have been off the series since May,2016 (last year); it’s been over a year already.
My post would be in two parts; who Aunty Funke was to me (Juliana), and then, who I was to her. These are things only few people know but I am ready to let the world know.
 Yes! I will start with her. Why? She’s an amazing person and I can’t wait for you to know how lovely she is on a one-on-one basis. We all have our flaws but we choose rather to celebrate our strengths. Here goes!
Aunty Funke to Juliana!
Aunty Funke met me for the first time at the auditions of Jenifa’s Diary (she did not know me prior to that day). She saw my talent and believed in me. I worked with her for years; she trained me and helped me in becoming a better actress. She would not take anything short of excellence from her cast. I honestly have not seen anyone in Nollywood more hard working than Aunty Funke. And she made it a duty to correct me and coach me on being better.
Aunty Funke helped pay my mum’s hospital bill for a fibroid surgery, two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000), because I had no money at that time. She also gave to the ministry dear to my heart, MINE Teenage Ministry when we were preparing for an event, one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) and my pastor called to appreciate her. So apart from my pay as an actress on the series (which I won’t mention), that’s all I received from her money-wise, asides from change she gave me for transport when leaving set because as at then, I used to jump bus, ‘keke’ and bike to and fro set up until I left the series…lol. But in all, God used her to meet that major need in my life at that time.
I fondly remember the times Aunty Funke would call me to her room while I was staying in her house (during set), and talk to me. She would take her time to advise me and encourage me as regards life in general. One particular day I treasure was the day she came to the room I stayed and told me, in a mother’s tone that I was beautiful and she warned me sternly never to bleach. I smile whenever I remember that. God bless her kind heart!p
Aunty Funke never ceased to celebrate me. Knowing how excellent she is at what she does (acting), I was shocked, elated and excited all at once the day she told me I was a good actress. She told me I would be great and celebrated. She saw years ago what is happening today. I am thankful for her words.
Juliana to Aunty Funke!
I was privileged to be the one holding Aunty Funke’s bag while on set. I ‘kept’ the money we spent on day-to-day running and was required to balance account afterwards. I don’t like Mathematics, so that was a lot of work…lol. Money was never unaccounted for in my keep. I ran errands for Aunty Funke and made sure all that was needed was supplied.

On set, on some occasions, when I was not acting, I was fanning and dabbing the faces of other actresses (including extras). So, this is for those that have accused me of being proud. Please ask those I fanned and dabbed while preparing to go on set later. On some occasions, I also did my own makeup and that of some other cast. All I wanted to do was SERVE; I wanted every set to be a success.
On set, there were different occasions I served cast and crew (plus extras) food and water. At some points, I joined in washing plates when the plates were not enough to go round. And times I was not acting, and I saw the ‘Mamas’ needed help, I joined them in washing plates. They are alive to bear witness.
I hardly forget things I memorised, so I knew the continuity of major characters on the set. Aunty Funke used to ask Costumiers to confirm costumes with me. On some occasions.I had to go to set earlier than others and leave later than others to sort out costumes, including wigs and other accessories. I looked forward to doing it and never once complained
I could not drive while on Jenifa’s Diary set, and I still cannot…lol but I woke up early on different occasions to wash Aunty Funke’s car. The times I didn’t wash, I dusted the car. She is a neat person, so I made sure the inside of the car and the boot were tidy and clean. For me, it was pleasure serving Aunty Funke.
I lived with Aunty Funke while set was on, so I counted it my duty to clean the house. She lived in a duplex at Chevron at that time, so I cleaned the entire house. Sweeping and moping from room to room. Scrubbing bathroom after bathroom. I arranged wardrobe after wardrobe, laid one bed after another. You would not know any of these if I am not saying this. I did all this with joy. She was special to me and you serve those you love. 
Aunty Funke is neat and very tidy and she does professional drycleaning. But there were times she needed a dress washed urgently and I helped her wash. Please don’t accuse me of being proud or rude to Aunty Funke again. I SERVED her WHOLEHEARTEDLY. 
Some of my fond memories with Aunty Funke are the times I cooked for Aunty Funke. I enjoyed cooking for her. I followed someone who lived with her then (name withheld) to market on different occasions to buy things we used to cook. Please note, I had a home of my own. I stayed with Aunty Funke only when we were shooting except times she specifically asked me to come over.
I learnt how to massage with Aunty Funke; I learnt on the job…lol. I knew she was usually tired when we got back so it was my pleasure to relieve her; she sometimes slept off while I massaged her. There was a day we were on location and we did not take the oil. Someone offered oil but as I held it, my spirit was not at peace. So, I bowed my head and prayed over the oil. I did not know Aunty Funke was watching me. When I opened my eyes, she asked what I did and I told her. Her response was “O se oko mi”, translated, “thank you my dear”.
There were different times Aunty Funke called me to pray on location, and sometimes at home. There was a time I gave her a Word of Knowledge. I had a dream once, I told her, and it happened the next day. I fasted and prayed with Aunty Funke and her sister. She called me to pray with her at midnight at some points. She knew from the onset that I was a Christian and that I was committed to prayer. There were different times we both prayed and asked God to give us sponsors. So, for those that have accused me of being “holier-than-thou”, that is the real me o! Everybody on every set I have gone, including Jenifa’s Diary, know I am unapologetically sold out to Jesus. I am not ‘deceiving’ anybody. That is my ‘real face’…lol
I had the pleasure of sitting and gisting with Aunty Funke at different points, whether at home or in the car. We would talk about the script. She sometimes had inspirations in the car and she would ask me to write it down so she doesn’t forget, and she would ask my opinion. I treasure those moments. Interestingly,there was a day we were talking at the house and her husband was there. I talked about loving High School movies and Musicals. I said I wondered why we didn’t have such in Nigeria. Then, we all started talking. JJC Skills even ‘drafted’ me into it already but we were just talking lightly. It is my joy that “INDUSTREET” is a reality today!
Let me stop here! So, with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that you shouldn’t believe everything you read until you hear from the source.
Your question now is, what happened? Hmmm! We had a misunderstanding and I cannot disclose what happened without Aunty Funke’s permission. But if you read all I said in the post, you would gather that we were quite close. And when two people get that close, misunderstandings are bound to occur.
All I have said, you can confirm. 100% truth and UNCENSORED!!!
So, it is God, who saw my faithfulness and commitment, Who is rewarding me and announcing me to the world. Dear aspiring celeb, please SERVE and not seek to be served. 
Please do well to share this post on your social media platforms via the buttons beneath this post so we can spread the TRUTH of what went down. My name has been tarnished by liars and bloggers seeking traffic. God have mercy on them!
Whew!!! This was long! Thank you for reading and allowing me pour out my mind in love. I am just a human being who does not want to be maligned falsely!
God bless you.
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PHOTOS: Tragedy as uncompleted building collapses in Ajegunle

Tragedy struck in the early hours of today, Thursday, June 22, 2017, in the Ajegunle end of Lagos following the collapse of an uncompleted building in the area.

The incident occurred at Ogbowanko street with two workers sustaining varying degrees of injuries. Luckily, no life was lost in the building collapse.

While the cause of the collapse is unknown as at press time, a resident who spoke to InsideMainland said the building collapsed while some of the workers were working on one part of the building.

“Construction workers were working on one side of the building when it collapsed. No one can point to what exactly led to the collapse,” the source said. The source however confirmed that no life was lost in the collapse.

Meanwhile, rescue officers are currently at the scene of incident.
See more photos from the collapse scene below.

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Facebook is Testing a Feature to Prevent Profile Picture Theft

One of the challenges of using Facebook is on its way to being extinct very soon. That is profile picture theft.

Perhaps, you have had to search for an old pal on Facebook and you realise that there are many people with the same name and some with the same profile picture. It is much more ridiculous when another friend/sibling of yours sends you new friend requests while the existing Facebook profile of that person you know is still very much active.

To solve this challenge, Facebook is introducing a new feature that will ensure that your profile photo cannot be used or accessed by other people. Facebook announced the pilot program in India today.

The feature can prevent people from downloading your profile picture, or sharing it with others, prevent people from tagging other users in profile picture or even take screenshots of your profile picture.
The protection is visible through an (optional) blue border and shield around your profile picture to indicate that it is protected. Facebook has said that this rollout is initially happening in India, but it hopes to expand it to other countries “soon”.

This feature will be very useful in Nigeria, where many celebrities, pastors, politicians and other influential people have countless look-alike profiles on Facebook. There have been cases of reported fraud on Facebook using a replica profile and the Customs Comptroller-General picture. Then there are the countless “Pastor Adeboyes” et al, sliding into DMs of Nigerians to plead for donations.
The feature is as a result of a research conducted by facebook which showed that users (especially women in India) are worried about what could happen to their photos when used as profile pictures.
A lot of dating websites steal pictures from social networks. Some pinch images to create sleazy Facebook albums of random women on the internet, while others use strangers’ photos to scam people.

Facebook has announced a partnership with an Indian illustrator to make these safety seal more compelling with an attractive design. We look forward to uniquely Nigerian looking designs.
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No royal wants to be king or queen, says Britain’s Prince Harry

Prince Harry said no one in Britain’s royal family wants to be king or queen and criticised a decision to force him to parade behind his mother Princess Diana’s coffin after her death in 1997.
According to an interview with a U.S. magazine, Harry said: “we are not doing this for ourselves but for the greater good of the people … Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen?”

Harry, 32, who is fifth in line to the throne, told the Newsweek magazine: “I don’t think so, but we will carry out our duties at the right time.”

Queen Elizabeth, 91, has been on the throne since 1952 and is currently the world’s oldest and longest reigning monarch. Harry said they wanted to carry on her work but her family would not be “trying to fill her boots”.

“The monarchy is a force for good,” he said. “We don’t want to dilute the magic … The British public and the whole world need institutions like it.”
Harry, along with his elder brother William and William’s wife Kate, has become a prominent mental health campaigner, citing his own anguish and emotional struggles following the death of his mother in a Paris car crash 20 years ago and disclosing how he sought counseling to help him cope.
In the interview, Harry said how the decision to make him walk behind her coffin as the funeral cortege slowly made its way through the packed streets of London in front of huge crowds of mourners when he was just 12 had had a lasting impact.

“My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television,” he said.
“I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don’t think it would happen today.”
The prince, who is dating U.S. actress Meghan Markle, in 2016 criticized the media for intruding into her private life and he told Newsweek that he tried to live an “ordinary life” despite the huge global attention he attracts.

He said even if he were king, he would do his own shopping.
“I sometimes still feel I am living in a goldfish bowl, but I now manage it better,” he said.
“People would be amazed by the ordinary life William and I live. I do my own shopping. Sometimes, when I come away from the meat counter in my local supermarket, I worry someone will snap me with their phone.

“But I am determined to have a relatively normal life, and if I am lucky enough to have children, they can have one too.”
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Court stops Kaduna state governor from arresting Audu

The Federal High Court sitting in Abuja in the case of Audu Adamu Maikori V.  The IGP has issued an interim order restraining the Governor of Kaduna State and any other authority from arresting or detaining Audu Maikori pending the hearing and determination of this suit.
Details later
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Israel calls for Saudi Arabia ties and state visits

Intelligence minister Katz invites King Salman to send crown prince to Israel in order to establish mutual ties.

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Katz (left) has extended the invitation to the Saudi king as well as the crown prince [Ronen Zvulun/Reuters]
Katz (left) has extended the invitation to the Saudi king as well as the crown prince [Ronen Zvulun/Reuters]
Israel's intelligence and transportation minister has called on Saudi Arabia's King Salman to invite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Riyadh to establish full diplomatic relations.
Speaking at a conference in Herzliya on Thursday, Yisrael Katz also asked King Salman to send newly appointed crown prince Mohammed bin Salman to Tel Aviv after describing shared interest in countering rival Iran.

"I call upon Salman, the King of Saudi Arabia, to invite the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, to visit Saudi Arabia," Katz said the annual Herzliya Conference, where Israeli leaders present national strategy initatives.

"We saw what a wonderful host you can be ... when President Trump was there. You can also send your heir, the new one, Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He's a dynamic person. He is an initiator. And he wants to break through.
"Exactly this way ... they know who Iran is. They know we have to create an access vis-a-vis Iran. You can send him for a meeting in Israel and I promise you, he's going to be a very welcome guest," Katz said.
Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's defence minister, also called for establishing "full diplomatic and economic relations" with Arab states.
In his speech at the conference, Lieberman said a peace deal must be reached with what he referred to as "moderate Arab Sunni countries" before a peace agreement could be made with the Palestinians.
"The only light at the end of the tunnel is a complete regional agreement," Lieberman, who has previously advocated paying Palestinians to leave Palestine, said. "Full diplomatic and economic relations. Not under the table, but on the table.
"I saw research on what the result of a regional agreement and full economic relations would mean between Israel, the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia. This would mean an additional revenue of $45bn for Israel. That's the potential. We have to clearly say what our priorities are."

READ MORE: What do Saudi Arabia and Israel have in common?

Speaking to Al Jazeera from Ramallah, Mustafa Barghouti, who heads the Palestinian National Initiative, said it was unlikely that Saudi Arabia or other Arab countries would follow suit.
"I don't think Saudi Arabia or other Arab countries will accept to normalise relations with Israel," Barghouti said.

"This is a very sensitive issue. Jerusalem is a very sensitive issue. How could Saudi Arabia have normal relations with Israel, while it is occupying the [third] most important religious place [to Muslims] - the Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem?

"If normal relations prevail between Israel and Arab states without solving the Palestinian problem, Israel thinks the world will forget about the Palestinian issue," he added.
Reporting from Herzliya, Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett acknowledged that the idea of Arab countries establishing relations with Israel would be difficult.
"The idea that these countries would so openly cooperate with Israel would be pretty difficult for them to sell to their own public and more broadly," Fawcett said.

"However it does seem [Lieberman] wants to apply pressure in this direction," he added. "We see from Lieberman's perspective that he sees an opportunity to make the most of Trump's recent visit, [the idea of] a peace deal with the Palestinians, and the recent diplomatic crisis in the GCC."
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PHOTOS: Seven Nigerians Arrested With 100 Marriage Visas In Thailand

Seven Nigerians are presently assisting authorities in Thailand in their investigations after they were arrested with 100 marriage visas. .The Nigerians, who were arrested alongside two Afghan nationals, were nabbed at the Chaengwattana Immigration office on Wednesday.
7 Nigerians arrested with 100 marriage visas in Thailand .
They were alleged to have paid Thai women THB5,000 each (about $150) to register phoney marriages. .Immigration officials were said to have noticed irregularities when the nine men attempted to clear paperwork identifying 100 foreigners as single and thus eligible for marriage.
Reports said investigations showed that members of this syndicate convinced Thai ladies whom they met on Social media mainly Facebook to enter into a fake marriage arrangement with them in order to obtain resident visas which allow them to remain in Thailand for a longer period of time. .

Director-General of the Department of Consular Affairs, Chatree Arunananant, said that the Nigerians entered Thailand on temporary visas and in order to continue to remain in Thailand, they would entice Thai ladies and then promise them money if they enter into fake marriage arrangements with them.
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PHOTOS: Osun Iyalojas Protest Against Aregbesola Over Osuwon Omoluabi

Osuwon Omoluabi, a modern gauge for measuring of stuffs in marketplaces in Osun State which was introduced by the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola was rejected today as representatives of all the market women in the state stormed the state Secretariat in a protest.

The market women especially those dealing with grains and measurable products closed their shops and stormed the popular Olaiya Junction around 11:45 am before they headed to the State House of Assembly to register their grievances.

The angry traders frowned at what they described as imposition of Osunwon Omoluabi measurement scales, vowing to resist any attempt by the state government to compel them into using the scales.

It would be recalled that the state Ministry of Commerce, Cooperative and Empowerment’s task force and compliance officials had on Tuesday, thronged the market to enforce the usage of the measurement scale by the market women especially those dealing with grains and measurable products.

Amiloaded gathered that the women were chanting various anti-government songs to express some marketing policies of the Aregbesola led administration especially as per the usage of the modern scale.

They therefore rejected the new scale and told the state government to instead, produce en-masse, the old scale and ensure full compliance with its usage through strong monitoring team which will prosecute non-compliance by any trader who tampers with such scale, weights and measures.
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PHOTOS: Cucumber Seller Accused Of Using Urine To Sell His Products In Imo

There was a mild drama today at the Federal Housing Estate, Umuguma Owerri., Imo State when a man was allegedly caught using his urine on the cucumber he was selling. The man who was gathered by people in the area – was forced to drink it and also eat the cucumber.  According to Enyi Izuogu, it took him over 20minutes before he accepted to drink it.

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Buhari critically ill, suffers 'Dementia

 Image result for president buhari

All is not well with Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari as his doctors have confirmed to LeadersNG correspondent in London that President Buhari’s health has deteriorated to the point that he no longer recognizes people or speaks with any one.

You would recall that LeadersNG had exclusively revealed on January 26th that the President’s doctors had advised him to consider resigning from office and focus his attention on his health. The President had undergone a successful surgery and a radiation treatment (oncology) for prostate cancer which was massively responsible for his weight loss as was seen on the day he returned to Nigeria. The President, however, did not wait enough to complete his subsequent treatments because of the pressure mounted on his Doctors by his aides to declare him medically fit and return him to the country before the 90-day allowed absence as provided in the Nigerian constitution, elapsed.
The President’s health continued to deteriorate and he was advised to start working from home by his Nigerian Physicians until the 5th of May when his condition became extremely critical again. He was eventually flown to London to resume his treatments. There has been no public sighting of the President since then.

Another source close to the Chief Security Officer to the President, Bashir Abubakar also told LeadersNG that the President has not spoken to anyone in a long time and he does not recognize people. He forgets issues discussed with him almost immediately.

LeadersNG further learned that the President is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease which has gotten to its moderate stage where he cannot perform most common activities of daily living. Speech difficulties have also been observed on the President as he has an inability to recall tenses. His memory has also worsened and he cannot recognize most of his close Aides and Associates. His long term memory has also been severely damaged and he is gradually slipping into Dementia.

The Doctors have told LeadersNG once again that the President can no longer continue with his official functions as he may die as a result of medical complications if he is not frequently and adequately observed.

The Cabal has vowed to keep the incapacitated President in office for as long as they can, and are mounting pressure on the doctors to resuscitate him so they can bring him back home for some time then return him back to London. The Doctors have advised against this new plan.
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