Saturday, 28 November 2015

PHOTO: Trailer Falls On Ojuelegba Bridge,Lagos

A trailer fell this morning on Ojuelegba bridge,Fadeyi area in Lagos.Thank God there were no vehicles or bikes around it at that moment.
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I Won My Election Clean And Clear – David Mark

Ex-Senate President, Senator David Mark has reacted to Saturday’s ruling of the Appeal Court which voided his election by declaring that he “won the election convincingly”.

In a statement forwarded to DAILY POST by his media assistant, Paul Mumeh, the immediate past Senate President expressed faith that he will still win even if the election was conducted a hundred times.

The Appeal Court had in its verdict on Saturday ordered a re-run of the Benue South Senatorial election. The appeal was brought by the candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC in that election, Daniel Onjeh.
Mark, while charging his people not to be deterred by the verdict but be strengthened ahead of the re-run, said he has “no doubt that his constituents would turn out en masse to vote for him again.”

Continuing, he said, “Whatever the situation may be, one thing I know is that my people are solidly behind me . They also appreciate the fact that I have done more than enough to lift up Idoma nation to a position of eminence in the contemporary political history of Nigeria.

“I won the election clean and clear. If we go back to the polls 100 times , I will still win convincingly.”
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Things To Know About Yahaya Bello, APC's Replacement Of Late Audu

Below are things you should know about him:

1. He was born on the 18th of June, 1975 to the family of Alhaji Bello and Hajiya Hauwa.

2. He hails from Igbirra, Okene local government area in Kogi central senatorial district.

3. He attended Local Government Education Authority (LGEA) primary school, Agassa in Okene LGA and finished in 1989.
After he finished from secondary school in 1994, he enrolled for the IJMB programme at the Kaduna State Polytechnic, Zaria. He spent five months on the programme and passed the exams with 12 points with which he was offered admission at the Ahmadu Bell University, Zaria to study BSc Accounting.

5. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the same institution.
6. He did his one year National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) programme at Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) in Abuja.

7. He is a businessman and the Managing Director of FairPlus International Ltd.

8. He is the chairman of Kogi Youth Arise Forum.

9. He is also a Chartered Fellow of Association of National Accountant of Nigeria (ANAN).

10. He worked at the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission where he rose to the position of Assistant Chief Accountant.

Alhaji Yahaya Bello Adoza (Fair Plus) is an astute business man and the Managing Director of FairPlus International Ltd and also the Director of Kogi Youth Arise Forum.

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Pirates Attack Polish Ship In Niger Delta, Kidnap 5

Pirates attacked a Polish-owned cargo vessel off the Nigerian coast and kidnapped its captain and four crew, Polish authorities said, in the first documented incident of its kind in almost year in some of the deadliest shipping lanes on earth.

The Cyprus-registered Szafir was boarded overnight by armed men in two boats, who looted the 10,000-tonne container ship, operator EuroAfrica said.

The as yet unidentified kidnappers had made no demands so far and Poland was liaising with Nigerian authorities, its Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski told a news conference in Warsaw on Friday.

The kidnapped sailors also included other officers, which made the ship impossible to navigate.
"The rest of the crew, 11 people, are still on the ship and they are safe... The ship suffered some damage," Waszczykowski said.

The ship was anchored around 30 nautical miles (56 km) off the Nigerian coast, and the operator was arranging for a new crew to take it back to port.

Nigerian authorities were not immediately available for comment.

Security experts class the waters off Nigeria as some of the deadliest on earth, with pirates based in the country often targeting oil tankers as well as hostages to ransom.

But the region has seen no documented attacks since February when a crude carrier was boarded, with the ship's Greek deputy captain killed and three crew members taken hostage.

Polish Maritime Minister Marek Grobarczyk said the safety procedures of all Polish companies operating in the area would be reviewed to ensure sailors' safety.
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Photos From The 2015 Nigeria Technology Awards

Hello Friends, was there at the Award Dinner Ceremony of the Maiden Edition of NIGERIA Technology Awards (NiTA), 2015

The Ace-Olivia Hall, City Mall, Onikan, Lagos

Dinner Table

Fruits @ the event

Cocktail Stand

Faces @ The Red Carpet, Initial Plan was Green, but was change last minute

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Mustapha Audu's Wife Curses Sugabelly; Defends Husband Over Rape Accusations

Wife to Mustapha Audu, Sugabelly's alleged rapist has taken to Twitter to curse Sugabelly for lying against her husband and saying he raped her and caused her to be gang raped when she was just 17 years old.

According to the story Zahra, Mustapha's wife is telling, Sugabelly was a troubled teenager with a history of mental illness. Zahra says she is an obsessive compulsive liar, a lady that stalked her when she first got married to Mustapha.

Zahra insists Sugabelly was not raped and she prays Sugabelly experiences all she claims she has lived through. And also, every single person who has accused, enabled, spread this rubbish stories about her husband, that she prays from her soul that they will have their karma. Every single person who feels that at a time when they, the Audu family should be grieving that they need to deal with this nonsense.

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BREAKING NEWS: Court Sacks Former Senate President,David Mark

Image result for david mark
The Appeal Court sitting in Markudi nullified the election of the former Senate President and ordered INEC to carry out a re-run of the election. This is coming out of the appeal of Daniel Onjeh against the Tribunal Judgement upholding the election.
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Audu, 5 Other Popular Nigerians Who Died at the Verge of Victory

Names on the list include:

1. Audu Abubakar

abubakar audu.jpg

2. Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola


3. Funsho Williams


4. Yemi Tella

yemi tella.jpg
5. Bola Ige

bola ige.jpg

6. Ken Saro Wiwa

saro wiwa.jpg
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Why President Buhari is Always Traveling Abroad - Garba Shehu

I have been amused, reading a number of jokes concerning the frequency of the President, Muhammadu Buhari’s foreign trips.

buhari bow tie.jpg

Questions have been raised about why so many visits, and what are the benefits Nigeria is getting?

I will make it clear from the beginning that the critic is entitled to his and her opinion and nothing said here is intended to silence him or her.

Criticism goes with the territory and as it is often said in a wisecrack, if you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen.

President Muhammadu Buhari came into office under the mantra of change. While Nigerians are yearning for change, you need someone who will set up the infrastructure, both at home and abroad for it. President Buhari is busy doing that.

The change is manifest in where he visits and what he does.

In the delegations accompanying him abroad, President Buhari has slashed the numbers, bringing them down to a tolerable or the bearable minimum.

He went to the United Nations General Assembly in September with an unbelievable 32 officials in his delegation. These included his cook, his doctor and luggage officer.

His predecessor in office went to the same meeting with 150 officials and family members the year before.
Wherever they are given government accommodation and feeding, members of President Buhari’s entourage receive reduced allowances, thereby saving the government some money.

In public diplomacy, experts say that it is better conducted through face-to-face interaction than through third parties. This is even moreso at the level of heads of state. To do by it by proxy is to miss the effect of fostering strong interpersonal relations between leaders, by which nations benefit.

President Buhari has so far visited Germany, South Africa, USA, Niger, Tchad, Cameroon, Benin, Ghana, South Africa, India, Iran and Malta, where we are presently for the Commonwealth Summit. Mostly, these were due to either the United Nations, EU, African Union or energy and security-related summits. They were mostly undertaken to attend specific meetings, not State Visits. Looking at these assignments, the trips are inescapable for the President. What would Nigerians say of their leader when see the array of world leaders assemble, as they would shortly be doing discussing climate change in Paris on Monday and their own President is missing from the table?

Those of us who were around under Abacha read all the taunts about him being a sit-at-home leader. Abacha was despised for not representing his country abroad.

President Buhari’s foreign visits have been marked by punishing schedules. They are always business-like and results-oriented.

All trips have been marked by tight schedules. Meeting after meeting, happening back-to-back morning, afternoon and evening. The President has had to travel overnight for some of these meetings.

The visit by any president to another country is the highest act in international relations.

It sends out a message that that county is important to the visitor.

It is not like your usual vacation abroad. Official discussions involving political leaders, the military, the diplomats and at times, business people are held at multi- track levels. In foreign policy you stand on a quick sand of events and you slip up if take a rest or lose focus. Governments also know that their achievements at home will be meaningless if they cannot project them abroad. Who or where are the foreign investors,whose hand you are seeking if you can’t travel meet them? Will they come if they don’t know about the country? President Buhari demonstrated a keen understanding of these when in the first week of his taking the office, he brought together foreign policy and all three cardinal objectives of his administration-security,economy and war on corruption- by embarking on visits to neighboring countries.

In our recent history, much of the West had ignored Nigeria under the corrupt PDP administration for many years, which warranted the country’s tilt towards some Asian countries.

As a consequence, this country has suffered past isolation of various types, including the denial of access to the arms-purchase market.

As a member of the then Standing Committee of the Nigerian Guild of Editors, I remember being in a delegation that visited the Aso Rock Villa, to beg the government at that time not the execute the writer and activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa.

At the meeting with the Number Two man in that government, Major-General Oladipo Diya, he announced to everyone’s shock and disbelief that Ken had been executed. “Honestly,” he muted, “I think he has been executed about two days ago.”

What followed that pronouncement was a global outrage.

The then Foreign Affairs Minister, Arch. Tom Ikimi representing Nigeria at the Commonwealth meeting in New Zealand, shattered the feelings of the leaders of those countries when he announced to them that he had not been briefed about the executions and begged for time to talk to the leaders back in Nigeria.

Nigeria faced an imminent expulsion from the group and would have been so sacked but for the intervention of the then President of South Africa, late Nelson Mandela.

In place of this extreme form of sanction, a suspension and and a barrage of sanctions followed and remained in place until an appreciable remorse was was shown and progress made towards the return to democracy by Nigeria.

Throughout that period of time, it was difficult being a Nigerian in the international space.

As council members of the UN Human Rights Commission, Africans would caucus in Geneva without us Nigerians. Like lepers, we were shunned wherever we showed up.

I mentioned this short narrative to illustrate two things: one, for a country to do the right things all the time and two, you don’t know the joy being a part of international gatherings until you suffer the pain of exclusion from them.

Short of begging the world, there was nothing that the Abacha government didn’t do to be taken back into the Commonwealth.

And it is against this background that I felt the need to pen this opinion in the hope of bringing better understanding to fellow countrymen and women on the current subject matter.

There is no reason to be angry with anyone criticizing President Buhari for traveling abroad. In politics, even if President Buhari were to bring with him a suitcase full of cash and a pot gold each time he returned from a trip, someone will criticize him, saying that the journey is wasteful.

The PDP will kick, knowing that they got 16 years and did nothing with it. Those who didn’t do much during their term of governance will find it instructive to fault whatever the President is doing.

If President Buhari is successful as a leader, the PDP will be history.

My own point here is that he is doing a great job and the fruits are here, and many more will soon come. He is working to strengthen diplomatic relations, trade and the security of our nation. He holds serious meetings with serious investors and has fetched us investments in the range of billions of US Dollars.

Now, countries such as France, UK, The U.S are supporting Nigeria with intelligence, weapons and training for our military against Boko Haram and the economic saboteurs in the Delta region.

President Buhari will definitely make Nigeria great,what the PDP fooled us for 16 years.

All heads of countries around the world now take Nigeria seriously. His foreign trips are for business, security of the country and bilateral contacts- contacts that get actualized by follow-ups and the love and support a leader enjoys at home and abroad.

Today the world is in a warm embrace of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Nigerians should be proud of the attention, love and admiration, importance, respect and investment he is bringing to Nigeria. These trips are not for enjoyment.

Lastly, to answer those who ask all the time, what is he bringing back home?

We are not a country of beggars. It is good if something is in the bag as the leader comes home from a trip.
Culturally, we never return home from a trip without a souvenir for everyone left at home. Yes it is good he declares something upon his return.

But the most important task for the President at this time is to reset the image of Nigeria abroad, given the damage it sustained over many years in the past.

So far, in fairness, the President has projected a large image of Nigeria and of himself which should be a matter of pride for all our citizens. Marketing of Brand Nigeria can never be more important than currently it is.

The President is doing a great job for the nation. He needs to be supported.

Written by Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President, SSAP (Media and Publicity)
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Buhari Pledges $1m To Development Of Water Infrastructure In Africa

The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhai has pledged the sum of $1m for the development of water infrastructure in Africa. The President’s speech was read yesterday by the Minister of Water Resources, Mr. Suleiman Adamu at the AWF 10th anniversary celebration held in Abuja.

Buhari emphasised that the AWF’s mandate was to mobilise water investments for Africa, but stressed that the greatest challenge confronting the body was the need to secure adequate funds.
He also reminded other African countries who pledged to this development in 2012, reminding them of the importance.
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PHOTOS: Nigerian who sold guns, bullets to criminals in the UK jailed for 16 years

A notorious 'godfather' who sold machines guns to criminals in Birmingham while at the heart of a gang which gunned down two innocent girls in a botched attack has been jailed for 16 years. Nigerian Nosakhere Stephenson, 41, (pictured left) masterminded an operation to sell antique firearms and specially-made bullets to criminals around the West Midlands city. Fitzroy Ducram (right), known as one of Nosa's right hand men was jailed for more than seven years 
Police say the gun dealer, known as 'Nosa', believed he was 'untouchable' as he ran the operation alongside fellow gang members from inside the infamous Burger Bar Boys gang.
The gang - which for years fought a bloody and protracted feud with the rival Johnson Crew - trafficked weapons including a MAC 10 machine gun, a brutal weapon which was used in one of Birmingham's most notorious murders.

Letisha Shakespeare and Charlene Ellis were innocent victims caught in the crossfire of the two warring gangs, whose turf war blighted the Aston area of Birmingham for over a decade and cost dozens of lives.
Their murders, which took place in 2003, propelled Birmingham’s gun crime problem into the national headlines and kick-started campaigns by residents who had grown tired of the daily acts of violence. 
Eighteen men have now been convicted for a series of offences relating to the criminal firearms operation which Stephenson ran.  
As he was jailed for 16 years, Detective Constable Phil Rodgers said the police operation - and subsequent haul of dozens of weapons and ammunition - had undoubtedly prevented more murders in the city. 
The court heard how the gang had thousands of rounds of ammunition specially made to be used with guns and revolvers, which they sold for about £3,000 each.
Although Stephenson was never caught in possession of the guns, phone records linked him to each deal and every other person in the conspiracy - including his right-hand man, Sundish Nazran, who was jailed for 13 years.  
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The minister of petroleum should resign immediately-Etcetera

 It is beginning to unfold how risky and dangerous it is for Nigeria that Buhari doubles as president and the petroleum minister. As the president, he already has too much on his plate with too many issues pulling the country towards collapse.

From the north, Boko Haram is threatening to drag the whole country down a cliff, and if nothing is done pretty soon, we are going to have a situation in our hands with the Biafra movement. It is already a keg of gunpowder waiting to explode in our faces. The business of armed robbery has never been as lucrative as it is today. The economy is another area that calls for the president’s urgent attention. But what do we have?
 A president who has more-or-less assumed the role of a jack of all trade while doing nothing in particular. The president should resign as the minister of petroleum immediately if we are ever going to have sanity in the petroleum industry. What we need is a petroleum minister who is saddled with no other responsibility outside his ministry. Take for instance the negotiations with the petroleum marketers; it could have been better handled with more urgency knowing that the people are seriously suffering as a result of the slow pace of negotiations.

 I don’t understand how the president wants to be personally involved in negotiations with oil marketers and at the same time travel all over the world from one summit to another. He should understand that the masses don’t care that much about the bottlenecks in these negotiations; all we want is to be able to drive into a filling station and buy fuel at any time of the day or year.
Secondly, is APC still the opposition party? Because responding to every jibe from PDP doesn’t speak of a party who has come to terms with being a ruling party. What I see here is that the APC never thought in its wildest dreams that Goodluck Jonathan would lose in the last election and as a result, they weren’t prepared for the responsibility of ruling.
 The PDP left us in a total mess and would love nothing more than seeing APC fail. APC should put aside their lyrical battle with PDP and fix the issues facing this country or be seen as another party that failed us. APC should understand that elections shouldn’t be a win at all cost affairs. The choice of late Abubakar Audu as the party’s governorship candidate for Kogi State beats me. A man who had already been twice governor of the state from January 1992 until November 1993 and from 29th May 1999 to May 2003? 
Was it that Audu performed so well in his previous spells as governor of the state that APC chose to bring him back? I keep wondering what the party’s “change” philosophy is all about. As we speak, Bayelsa State is having another former governor as APC candidate for the coming governorship election in the state. May God save us all from desperate political parties.
INEC should explain to us why politicians are allowed to contest for elective positions in two different states. We have seen politicians lose primaries in one state and move to another state and get elected. Isn’t it confusing that Solomon Olamilekan alias YAYI contested for Lagos West senatorial seat after previously registering to contest for Ogun West senatorial district? And now, Faleke, who was a chairman of Ojodu local government and was also a member of Lagos State House of Representatives may emerge as the governor of Kogi State. INEC, please explain to us how this is possible ooo!!!.
Finally, the Federal government must insist that an autopsy is conducted on Audu’s corpse. We have to quell this rumour of foul play making the rounds or prove that he died of natural cause. Those who will argue that he was a Muslim and was buried in accordance with Muslim laws should understand that this is not a matter for religious sentiments. Audu was contesting an election and the speculation surrounding his death can be exploited to throw the state into chaos. INEC and the Federal Government must insist that an autopsy be carried out on his corpse to clear the air.
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PHOTOS: Lagos shuts Shoprite over breach of safety law

The Lagos State Safety Commission has shut the multi-billion multi-national shopping outlet, Shoprite located at the Ikeja Shopping Mall, Ikeja, Lagos, for allegedly breaching safety law.
According to PM news,officials of the commission were said to have stormed Shoprite on Friday afternoon and drove everyone out and sealed off the massive premises, placing a seal order at the entrance.
The seal order notice read:
 “Sealed, this premises has been sealed following the breach of safety law. This seal must not be broken. For further enquiries, contact the Commission.”
On Friday night, many customers who did not know that the place had been shut were stranded outside the premises.
However, a source in the commission told reporters that the place was shut for failing to abide by the safety laws of the state.

The source said there had been complaints by members of the public about adulterated and expired products being sold in the outlet, adding that investigation was also carried out before the place was shut.
Investigation revealed that some products that were supposed to expire in one month’s time were found on the shelves of Shoprite in Ikeja.

A customer, who craved anonymity, said she once bought expired milk at Shoprite, saying that the closure of the outlet was long overdue.
There have also been complaints by others about expired products at various Shoprite outlets.
Officials of Shoprite have been asked to report at the commission’s office on Monday while the outlet remains shut throughout the weekend.
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PHOTO: Policemen Treat Us Like Their ATMs – Lagos Sex Workers

In the early 1960s up till the late 1990s, the area used to be very popular among revelers from within and outside Lagos. Day and night, it was the place to be. Ask anybody around Yaba, Ojuelegba and even other parts of mainland Lagos and you won’t miss your way. Empire – a cluster of streets in the heart of Mushin, one of the city’s most densely populated areas, housing several chalets and offering plenty of cheap sex, drugs and alcohol was the name on many people’s lips. The arrival of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, around 1962, increased traffic to the area. In those days, the area known as Empire which derived its name from Empire Hotel situated on Oguntokun Street, could be likened to a modern day ‘Sodom’ – immorality thrived at every corner.

Though, still playing host to a number of hotels, drinking joints and spots where drugs of all kinds are experimented, Empire has lost some of its spark over the years, with only few people turning to it today for entertainment. But even with such reduced traffic, commercial sex workers operating in the community remain one of the most patronised in Lagos. Charging as low as N500 for a round of sex in some cases, clients from far and near ensure the industry is well and alive.

However, some of the ladies in the illicit profession told our correspondent who visited the area earlier in the week that much of what they earn these days go to policemen who come in weekly to collect compulsory ‘settlements’. According to a handful that interacted with our correspondent after they were assured their identities won’t be revealed, each lady pays between N7000 and N8000 every week to the leader of the hotel where they ‘hustle’. The fee, they revealed, covers rent for the week and ‘tax’ for the police among other such bills. The pressure of meeting up with such weekly obligation is taking its toll on many of the prostitutes who prospect for clients in Empire.

“Whether you work in a week or not, you must pay the regular dues to the head of the hotel,” said one of the ladies whom our correspondent chatted up at ‘White House’, one of several chalets dotting the community’s landscape. “Each of us who ‘hustle’ here pays N8000 every week to our boss who then ‘settles’ the police from it after removing money for rent and other levies. We are over 15 ‘hustling’ here and if you calculate what the police is making from each of us every week, then you’ll see that they are the ones benefiting from our ‘hard work’. If we fail to ‘settle’ them, they’ll come in to harass and intimidate us.

“For the eight months that I have worked here, I have seen a lot of things. It is just as if we have become ATMs for the police; we are like a source of income or a money pot for them. Just to meet up with their demand and avoid harassment, most of us now have to work more than we should. It has not been easy in recent times,” she said.

At ‘Cool Corner’, another hotel in the community where ladies of different ages and sizes flaunt their ‘assets’ in wait for prospective customers, one commercial sex worker who told our correspondent that she was 24 years old and had been servicing ‘clients’ who visit the place since 2012, revealed that the constant demand by police officers has become a big source of worry for many of them. According to her, at least each lady ‘hustling’ at the hotel pays around N5000 as ‘settlement’ to law enforcement officers every week aside from what they churn out for rent. She told Saturday PUNCH that the situation makes them feel like cash cows to the police.

“It is not as if those of us doing this job are proud of it, no. Many of us are doing it because we don’t have other means of survival. But to now imagine that most of what we manage to make these days go into ‘settling’ the police, is really annoying. They don’t come to us directly, they deal with our boss but then we are the ones suffering the whole thing. The money these people make from us every week is just too much,” she said.

At the other hotels in the area our correspondent visited, the feeling was the same. Many of the prostitutes at three other active spots, ‘Number Six’, ‘Lido Hotel’ and ‘Seventeen Bar’, told Saturday PUNCH that the situation has piled pressure on a lot of them and eaten deep into the little funds they usually make at the end of each week.
Managers of two of the hotels who our correspondent came across in the course of the findings refused to speak on the issue as a result of fear. They also refused to disclose which station the policemen they pay the weekly ‘royalty’ to come from even though a bar man in one of the hotels pointed that the officers came from all nearby police stations. Empire is in between Mushin and Jibowu in Yaba.

But apart from the dilemma now faced by commercial sex workers in this Lagos neighbourhood, the spate of crime in the area in recent times has reduced life to a living nightmare for many of its residents, especially parents with young boys and girls. Some, for fear of the morals of their children, put them in boarding schools and also give them out to live with relatives and friends in other parts of the state and country.

“I don’t have money to move out of this area yet but I cannot afford to have my children grow up here and have their lives destroyed,” Mrs. Fatima Ahmed, a petty trader, told Saturday PUNCH. She has lived in Empire for 10 years, witnessing a lot of crimes and moral decadence in the period. “If you see what some of the youths in the area do with drugs, alcohol and dangerous weapons, then you won’t want your children to grow up in such environment if you are a good parent. My children are in the boarding house and when they vacate they go to my cousin’s place at Ifako to stay. They only come here to visit me and their father once in a while,” she said.

A commercial motorcyclist, Stephen Okoli, who lives with his three daughters and wife on Oguntokun Street, told Saturday PUNCH that his girls only return to the area at weekends from his sister’s place in Ojota where they live and go to school at weekdays. He revealed that this was the best way he could protect them from being infected with the immoralities in Empire at the moment.

“My wife and I decided to let them live with my sister at Ojota just to protect them,” Okoli said. “They are little girls still growing up and we don’t want them to be corrupted by what people are doing here. Our fear is that there is no way they would grow up here and won’t be influenced one way or the other by the lifestyle here. Many of the ladies are prostitutes while the young men are into drugs and other crimes. I don’t want such for my children. We want them to have a better life than ours,” he stated.

A community leader, Mr. Olalekan Ajenifuja, told Saturday PUNCH that the influx of criminal elements into the area has made police raids almost a constant feature in Empire. According to him, bands of jobless young men attracted by the cheap sex and drugs the area offers, now call the neighbourhood home, putting the lives of residents and passersby at grave risk.

“Security of lives and property is a big issue as far as this place is concerned. Young men from different areas come in here to smoke and harass people going about their normal activities. But instead of law enforcement officers to help us tackle the situation, they are more interested in making money out of our predicament.

“Though, policemen come in here to raid some of these notorious guys causing problem for us, they do so for their pocket. They release them even that same day after being ‘settled’. This is part of the problem we are facing and we want government to help us out immediately. We do not have peace of mind in this community anymore,” Ajenifuja said.

Spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Joe Offor, debunked allegations of extortion and summary raids in Empire as claimed by many of the commercial sex workers. Offor told Saturday PUNCH that the allegation was a ploy to blackmail officers who were carrying out their lawful duties in the area.

“How much is a sex worker there making that police will go and demand royalty from them every week? In the first place, is police entitled to royalty? Some stories are too fantastic to believe and sometimes you don’t even need to guess too far before dismissing such.

“Allegations like this, as funny as they sound, are not new to the police. The brothels are seen in most cases as criminal hideouts and if there is any suspicion of harbouring any criminal in such places; the police have a right to raid such places regardless of whether prostitutes operate there or not. In the process of such raids, the prostitutes themselves could be arrested if they have been found to be working with the wanted criminals.

“Most times when they make this type of allegation, it’s to blackmail the police to stop doing their good work. There is no issue of extortion; it is just a case of blackmail especially since the Command embarked on a massive onslaught on criminals in Lagos. Criminal hideouts and black spots are being raided daily to sanitise the state. Our officers are committed to protecting the safety of lives and property and shall continue to give their best in the discharge of their duties,” he said.
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Kidnappers Release Samson Siasia's Mother

The mother of Nigeria's U-23 coach, Samson Siasia, Madame Ogere Siasia, 72, who was abducted from her home in Bayelsa on November 17th has been released by her kidnappers. The woman was released a few days ago unharmed. The Bayelsa police command confirmed her release but did not say if a ransom was paid for her release or if anyone has been arrested.
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"I'm In Pains" - Diezani

Embattled former oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke in another edition of The Boss Newspaper revealed that what matters most to her now is how to take care of her poor health.

According to her,she is in pains, has received several doses of chemotherapy and about receiving radiotherapy for her cancer treatment.She believes doctors can not do beyond that.

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Boko Haram Releases Photos Of Its Attacks Against Nigerian Troops

Islamic State deadly affiliates Boko Haram sect has released a new footage which shows its recent attacks against the Nigerian troops. The terror group also showed off its large cache of weapons of mass destruction as the battle against insurgency continues. Here are some pics gotten from the footage.

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"Those Cursing President Buhari Are Foolish" -- Reno Omokri

A former Special Assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokri, has taken a swipe at those who delight in cursing president Muhammadu Buhari -saying it's a foolish thing for them to do. Omokri took to his twitter handle few minutes ago to post the message below;

The idea of cursing President @MBuhari is perhaps the most foolish thing Nigerians can do. Imagine you're in a plane and cursing your pilot!

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PHOTOS: Atiku Abubakar And Bukola Saraki At The World Aids Day Special Prayer In Abuja

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar was with senate president Bukola Saraki yestersday at World Aids Day Special Prayer held in Abuja. .

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PHOTOS: Solomon Arase Holds Interactive Session With House Committee on Police Affairs

Interactive session/meeting of the House committee on Police Affairs with the Inspector General of Police, Mr Solomon Arase in the white House of Representatives, National Assembly Complex on Thursday, 26th November 2015

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PHOTOS: Gov Ajimobi Greets Fomer Gov And Rival Rashidi Ladoja

  Governor of Oyo State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi and the gubernatorial candidate of the Accord Party in the last general election, Senator Rashidi Ladoja had a friendly handshake at the eighth-day fidau of the late Otun Olubadan of Ibadanland, High Chief Omowale Kuye yesterday.

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