Sunday, 23 July 2017

Lagos LG Eletions: Ambode Congratulates APC

Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode on Sunday congratulated the All Progressives Congress (APC) for recording landslide victory at the just concluded Local Government election in the State, saying that the development was an eloquent affirmation that Lagosians have confidence in the party.

It was a clean sweep for all the 57 chairmanship candidates of the APC as they were all declared winner by the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) defeating all their rivals in the keenly contested election.

Governor Ambode, in a congratulatory message signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Habib Aruna, said the development was not just a victory for democracy but the people at the grassroots, who he said would experience continuity with improvement in terms of dividends of democracy.

The Governor said it was particularly gratifying that the party emerged victorious in all the positions not only for the chairmanship positions but also the councillorship, which is the closest to the people.

"This victory for us is nothing more than a confirmation of the trust that Lagosians have placed on the party. In that regard, I like to congratulate our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the landslide victory at the Saturday’s election in all the 57 Councils.

“I particularly note with joy the peaceful conduct of electorates who came out to exercise their franchise in favour of their preferred candidates despite the heavy rain. This is indeed a welcome development and it will go a long way to strengthen our resolve to push ahead with our vision to transform the Local Government system, being the closest to the people.

“I am also happy that we are conducting the Local Government election during my time after almost six years that the election was last held in the State,” the Governor said.  

While congratulating the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) for the success of the election, Governor Ambode said the outcome of the election was a demonstrable evidence that the people have keyed into his vision to evolve participatory governance especially at the local level, just as he assured that his administration would not relent in promoting good governance both at the State and Local Government levels.

“I also like to congratulate LASIEC and all Lagosians for the success of the election which is reassuring about the culture of participatory democracy we are building in the State. It is on record that Lagosians comported themselves peacefully before, during and after the period of the election and this confirms the readiness of the people to support us all the way in our bid to truly take Lagos State to greater heights.

“On our part, we shall continue to work assiduously to move the State forward and make life better and comfortable for the people,” Governor Ambode assured.

He, however, urged those aggrieved with the result to channel their grievances to the appropriate quarters rather than resort to self-help.




JULY 23, 2017
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PHOTOS: Kano Police Command Arrests Members Of Boko Haram

The Kano State Police Command has arrested five suspected members of Boko Haram group at Gayawa area of Ungogo Local Government area of the State. The suspects were arrested following an an active intelligence from the Nigeria Police Force indicating the remnant of BH Group who escaped from Sambisa Forest were started regrouping in some States in the North including Kano State.

 It is because of the concern to ensure that they don’t attack any location in any State, the IGP Ibrahim K. Idris NPM, mni set up Joint Police Special Team comprising of special tactical Force (STF), Special Anti Robbery Squad Kano, the Force Intelligence Unit and other under cover operative Units as well as Conventional Police Team under the Supervision of CP Kano State Command. This Joint team has been on the trail of the remnant of Boko Haram Group in various locations in Kano and environs for some time. The Special Police Team has prevented several attempts in various places in Kano and its environs by this Boko Haram Group to attack innocent citizens in Kano.

 The sustenance of this operation by Special Forces yielded positive result this morning when the team intercepted the remnant of BH Group while they were about to move to attack public centres, Places of Worship and other places where people gathered to carry out their means of livelihood.

 The Police Team came under attack of this remnant and they were repelled in the process they were able to arrest five suspects three male and two females three Police operatives sustained injuries from the IEDs and Gunshots Launched on them by this terrorist group they are currently receiving treatment in the Hospital. All the suspects confessed to be active members of the BH group that involved in several killings of innocent Nigerians in Kano and other North Eastern States. They equally volunteer confessional statement indicating the planned attack they were about to carry out in Kano and other North Eastern States.

1. Abba Mohammed of Niger Republic aged 20yrs
2. Usman A. Buhari aged 23yrs of Borno State
3. Iliyasu Abdullahi aged 46yrs of Gezawa LGA, Kano State
4. Aisha Ya’u 25yrs and Ladidi Yunusa aged 27yrs both of Kwana Hudu Qtrs, Kano State.

1. One AK47 Rifle No. 58008821
2. Forty Nine Ammunition
3. Four Magazines
4. Pieces of IEDS Recovered
5. Two Sets of Air Force Uniform
6. Four Caps Of Air force Uniform
7. One Hand smoke
8. One Military Boot
9. One set of Camouflage Uniform
10. One Volkswagen Motor vehicle Key
11. One Laptop
12. One IPad
13. Some pictures of the suspects with Military Uniform
14. Some operational black masks


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PHOTOS: Governor Ambode Responds Swiftly To Akobi Crescent Flood Crisis

Yesterday, there was a flood crisis in Akobi crescent Lagos, largely due to failure of residents to properly clean their environment from time to time.
After the rains, dirt washed up the streets making it impossible for the water to dry out.

Thankfully Governor Ambode came to the rescue sending sending teams from the Visionscape and Cleaner Lagos initiative to help clear out the debris.

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PHOTOS: "How I Sneak Out Of Prison To Share Robbery Loot" – Suspect

An inmate of Kaduna Prison, Bashir Ali has confessed to the police how he managed to sneak out of the prison for days just to collect his share from a robbery incident that took place in Kano.

Ali whose mother is from Tokyo, Japan, was arrested alongside some of his gang members identified as Umaru Inusa, Ahmed Kamalu, Adamu Danjuma and Barfa Ahmad by detectives attached to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Special Tactical Squad (STS).

On his arrest, police sources said that sometime in June, a gang of robbers invaded Kofaruwa quarters in Kano and robbed about three houses. They stole a Toyota Matrix car and several valuables, which include laptops, television sets, phones and money.

The victims alerted the operatives of STS while the officer in-charge of the squad, ACP Yusuf Kolo deployed detectives to fish out the gang members. In the course of investigation, they arrested some of the gang members and recovered the car and some other valuables that they were yet to dispose.

It was in the process of further investigation that detectives discovered that one of the masterminds of the robbery, Bashir Ali was in Kaduna prison. Unknown to him (Ali), some of his gang members had been arrested by the police. Hoping that it was business as usual, Ali sneaked out of the prison to collect his share from the proceeds of the robbery when policemen who were on his trail arrested him.

Journey to prison

At the police station, Ali who speaks impeccable English said it was greed that landed him in prison as he is from a good home. “I am an indigene of Kano State and my mother is from Tokyo. She came to Kano with her parents who were traders. In the process, she (Ali’s mother) fell in love with my father and I am a proud product of that love. I am married and I have three kids. I have no reason to commit crime because I also have an option of travelling to Tokyo if I was not satisfied with my financial status in Nigeria.”

On his journey to Kano Central prison, Karaumawa, Ali recalled that sometime in 2010, he got involved in a shady business, which led to the sale of a property in Kano that belongs to one of his friends.

“Boys were broke so we were looking for every possible means to make money. So my friend Ahmed who just lost his father then told me that he wanted to sell one of his father’s houses without the consent of the family. He said that since he was also part of the family that no one will question his decision. We got several estate agents involved and finally sold it for N8million.

“Unfortunately, when the buyer wanted to take possession of the property, the family members refused insisting that they never consented to it and that the documents presented were stolen.

We were arrested same year and charged to court. I was sentenced to seven years jail in 2015 after awaiting trial for two years.”

The stunt

After several years, Ali claimed that he was able to convince the prison warders that he had truly repented of his sins and was ready to be rehabilitated.

According to him, eleven of them were selected and transferred to Kaduna rehabilitation prison popularly known as Open Camp.

“I was lucky that they selected me in 2015. When we got to the camp, I chose to be a farmer where I learnt how to cultivate vegetables including curry leaves and waterleaves. The proceeds you get from the farm will be saved for you so that when you finish your stay in the prison, you will have money to start a new life.

In that prison you are free to roam around and sneak in and out of the yard unnoticed. The rule was that you must come for head count every 10am, 12pm, 2am and 6pm. So if you don’t want to get into trouble, wherever you go, you must return for head count.”

He also alleged that the prison warders who were taking care of them were aware of these movements and normally keep tab on them. “It is a game of trust. The warder must approve of your movement so that if you mistakenly fail to return on time, he will give you a number in absence. We all have phones and whenever you cannot make it back on time, you will call the warder and tell him. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the warder is well taken care of financially so that he can cover for you in case you want to travel and spend some days outside.”

On his arrest, Ali lamented that while in Kano prison, he made a lot friends who have served out their jail terms. He collected most of their numbers and agreed to exchange ideas.

“It is good to make friends so that when they leave, they will help with money. Most of them who left went back to crime and normally send money to us.

“So while in Kaduna prison, one of them contacted me that they were broke and needed any means of making quick money.
It was during the Ramadan fast and everyone needed money to celebrate after the fasting. I gave them some ideas and people to meet. At the end of the robbery operation, they cheated me and hid the physical cash that they got. Luckily, Bawa kept one of the cars for me. I then referred them to an ex-convict who is into buying stolen cars.

They were on their way to deliver the car and money when police caught them. They were so wicked that they did not alert me that they had been caught. Rather, they called to tell me that the car had been sold that I should come to Zaria and collect my share.

“Few days to Sallah, I told the yard master popularly known as Baba Kubo and he granted me some days to travel. He knows that I will always come back, that was why he agreed. So around 12pm that day I left for Kano where they were supposed to wait for me. Because I did not have much money, I visited some of my friends in town and got some money before I proceeded to the agreed location. It was there that police arrested me,” he said.

Plea for mercy

Begging for mercy, Ali said he had truly repented but was just looking for money to buy Sallah gifts for himself and the warders who were kind to him. “I am finished; I can’t believe that I am going to start all over again. Please help me and don’t send me back to prison.”

He alleged that his life will get worse if he is sent back to prison. “The prison will turn you into a criminal. It does not change anyone because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Most especially, if you are from a poor home, no one will visit you or help you with money to hire a lawyer. There are so many people who stole chicken and goat that are in the prison. They are there because they could not afford the option of fine given by the magistrate.

“I assure you that by the time they spend a year or two serving their sentence they will steal a car as soon as they are released,” he alleged.

More suspects

Another suspect, Adamu who contacted Ali for the robbery claimed that he was simply obeying the instruction of his brother, Bawa. “My brother called me to get in-touch with Ali that he is aware of the robbery and the proceeds. It was Ali who gave us the number of the buyer. We were on our way to Zaria to meet the buyer when policemen caught us.”

Yet another suspect, Bafa, an Islamic cleric said that it was greed that led them to committing crime. “I am a native of Maiduguri and my parents decided to send me to Arabic school to learn how to be a priest. Upon graduation, I started praying for people in trouble. This did not give me enough money because I normally collect N500 to pray for people and if they succeed they might come back to appreciate me.

Some of them are criminals and when they succeed they will come back and give me gifts. This was how Kabiru and three other boys came to me. After the robbery, they brought the car and asked me to help them sell it. It was a Toyota Matrix and they wanted to sell it for N800, 000. The agreement was that whatever extra money we get from the sale belongs to me. We were on our way to meet the buyer when the police arrested us,” he said.

Prison Service reacts

When contacted, the Nigeria Prison Service Public Relations Officer, Francis Enabore said that no inmate in the Kaduna open prison is allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied. “These are inmates who have spent better part of their sentences in the regular prisons with walls. They are recommended by their prison warder to be of good behaviour.

They are transferred to that prison to prepare them for the journey ahead when they finally regain their freedom. They are allowed to visit the farms, which are within the premises and monitored from a distance. Any attempt to leave the premises, the person will be cautioned. These inmates who are determined to be better persons in the society normally obey the law guarding the prison.”

On the recent arrest of Ali outside the prison, Enabore assured that the discovery will be investigated and any officer found culpable will be dealt with according to the law.

Meanwhile another senior prison officer who spoke with Saturday Sun on the condition of anonymity explained that the Kaduna open prison is meant for inmates who have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they are of good behavior. “Such person will be recommended by warders who have monitored them over the years.

They are selected all over the country to go to that prison for proper rehabilitation. They are taught different handiworks including farming. The proceeds gotten will be saved for them, which will be given to the inmates at the end of their stay in prison.

“Such persons are allowed to wander around the yard especially to their farms. They are expected to return every 6pm for head count. They are not allowed to travel, therefore any officer who permits that will be punished.”

On the arrest of Ali, he said that most of the inmates are good at deceiving the system. “They pretend to have repented just to be released. I guess Ali is a typical example of such. It’s unfortunate that the officer who approved his transfer will be in trouble.”
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"Okorocha Should Start Sewing His Prison Uniform" - APC Chieftain

Recently Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State was quoted to have told State House Correspondents in Abuja that whoever will take over from him as governor may be stoned by the people of his performance falls below the standard he has set. His words: “I am in this job not for the profit of it, but for the honour and glory of the job.

So I want to leave a legacy. I want Imo people to miss me and they will definitely miss me. Believe you me, they have not seen such developmental work before now and they will miss it. “The only problem I have is that anybody that comes after me and does not perform will be stoned.

Because you cannot come to Imo State now and say you want to abolish free education from primary to university, they will not accept that. I have spoilt Imo people believe me.” However, Sunday Telegraph learnt from multiple sources in the state that the governor may be stoned when he loses his immunity in 2019, even as they noted that the governor has set the state further back in development.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Senatorial candidate for Owerri Senatorial District in the 2015 General election and former member of the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Uche Onyeagucha, called on Governor Rochas Okorocha to start sewing his prison uniform, saying he will definitely end up in jail when he lives office in 2019 for allegedly looting the state treasury. The APC chieftain, who said that he was miffed by the alleged comment by the governor that he has spoilt Imo people with projects, accused the governor of littering the state with hundreds of abandoned projects.

“I was a senatorial candidate, I should be a leader in APC, while Rochas should be in prison for the way and manner he has looted Imo State. He should rather be sewing his prison uniform. This is a person who has never gone on any commercial flight since he became governor; he has been travelling around on private jet at the state’s expanse.”

Onyeagucha, who is also a civil rights lawyer, said that it is time for the deceit unleashed on Imo people by the governor to stop.

He said, “What is this nonsense? He said he built this and that in the state. Is it Concord Hotel which he renovated, Ikemba Ojukwu Centre was built by Mbakwe and he renovated it; the Imo State Commissioners’ Quarters, he just changed the roof and renovated it; the State Secretariat was built by Chief Achike Udenwa, he changed the roof when there was no need for that. Today, there are many leaky roofs at the secretariat.

Avutu poultry, which he renovated, has collapsed under one year. At the appropriate time, Imo people will beam to the world, the many grisly misdeeds of this cruel administration.

“When we in APC went on campaign, we said we will build factories, industries, and create jobs.
That is what we promised, even on billboards then. When I told him he is a fraud, he removed them and changed the message. Show me one factory built by Rochas and I will apologise. No block industry, no toothpick industry, no sachet water industry just the ones that could be built with little amount, none! “He has deceived our people for too long, he has bamboozled them with lies, and we have tolerated it long enough.”

While there have been many allegations of nepotism to the extent that juicy positions have allegedly been cornered by family members and kinsmen, an Owerri based medical doctor, Dr. Uzo Ewuru, added that the state has become a home of abandoned projects.

According to him, not too long ago, the governor announced with pomp and fanfare, the commencement of a state carrier, Imo Air which flew few weeks after the ceremony and stopped operation.

“It appears the carrier has gone the way of many other abandoned projects littered all over the state.”

Ewuru also said that the moribund multi-billion naira Imo Modern Poultry, Avutu, built by the administration of late Governor Sam Mbakwe, which news went round before the 2015 election that its revitalisation process was almost completed (with a giant signboard erected at the Amambakwe Junction announcing the completion of the project then), has turned out to be a ruse, even as the entire complex has remained the massive forest that has overgrown the place since its abandonment in the 80s.

Governor Rochas Okorocha’s mega project, the 44 City Gates, which gulped hundreds of millions of naira, has long been forgotten by the administration.

This is even as the governor’s Young Scientists College has joined the long list of the white elephant projects the governor will launch with fanfare but not complete, 20 months to the end of his administration.

This came as Hon. Raymond Emeana, a former member of the Imo State House of Assembly and the State Secretary of PDP, has alleged that the 27 General Hospitals reportedly built by Governor Okorocha are actually 26 white elephant hospital projects, 25 of them are merely homes for rodents and criminal elements. He said: “While he owes civil servants, he said he has built 27 hospitals, there are no 27 hospitals, rather, there are just 26 buildings at the sites.

“We are now in July, which is about a year and ten months to the end of his tenure, none of those 26 hospitals has been completed except only one that is functional, and that is the one at Ikeduru LGA.

It is functional not because the state government completed, it but because they handed it over to a private investor, who is now running it as his private clinic. All the other 25, including the one for his LGA, Ideato South, including that at Mbaitoli where his deputy comes from, the one at Ezinihitte-Mbaise where the state chairman of the party is from, the one at Ngor-Okpala where the SSG is from, the one at Okigwe where the Speaker of the state House of Assembly is from, including the one at Nkwerre where his son- In-law, his Chief of Staff is from.

“None of them is functional, they are for you to see,” he stated. Emeana further alleged that the state’s judiciary is now in terrible state of decay, operating without power supply, poor accommodation and without working materials.

He dismissed as ‘abracadabra’, the governor’s free education policy, saying with the policy, the position of Imo State has dramatically nosedived in the West Africa Certificate Examinations (WAEC) performance index. He added that the Imo State University has lost accreditation in critical study areas.

They also alleged that the governor was not obeying court orders since he assumed office.
They noted that courts ordered him to reinstate the chairman of Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya of Obinugwu, Orlu, which he has not done.

They also alleged that a court of competent jurisdiction restrained the governor from demolishing Captain Emmanuel Ihenacho’s property, but he went ahead and destroyed the property. When one of our correspondents sought the reaction of the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Sam Onwuemeodu, he went off on the reporter, asking if they heard him say so and when.

Without waiting to hear the rest of the question, he retorted in a very hostile tone saying, “This is gutter journalism where you people carry lies about people”.

He shouted, “Who is your editor? Whoever your editor is, tell him that he is not worthy to be an editor for asking you to get me to react to such nonsense. I beg get off my phone!” He finished aggressively and promptly hung up.
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APC On Self-Destruction As Fresh Power Blocs Emerge

Emerging facts have shown that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is mired in serious internal wrangling and crises that may culminate in its implosion before the 2019 general elections. Sources close to the party identify cracks in the party’s leadership, tracing it first to the absence of a virile leadership at the national level which could whip leaders into form, thereby enabling it to form a common front on all national issues.

“Those cracks have shown from the outset when President Muhammadu Buhari failed to take effective leadership of the party and prevailed upon it by choosing National Assembly leadership of the party’s choice. The absence of a rallying point has also led to the emergence of various power blocs within the party,” one of our sources said.

“For instance, today, we have the blocs that belong to the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar; Senate President; another to the national leader of the party, Chief Bola Tinubu and other belonging to ministers and loyalists of the President in Aso Rock. Each of these is seeking some level of supremacy,” he said.

According to another source, besides the party’s alleged poor grasp of governance at the centre, it is also said to be suffering from lack of internal democracy, the same malaise that robbed the Peoples Democratic Party of victory in 2015 – imposition of candidates.

“Look at what happened at the just concluded Osun West Senatorial election, where an aspirant disqualified by the APC defected to the PDP, picked the ticket and emerged winner, against the governor’s preferred candidate.

“In the same manner, move to Lagos State and compare it with the imposition of over 20 local government chairmanship candidates in the yesterday’s election and you will understand what I mean. Already, while some are calling for the suspension of the party’s Legal Adviser, Mr. Muiz Banire, the latter’s group is advocating the dissolution of the party’s state executive led by Chief Henry Ajomale.

Ajomale was miffed by Banire’s group’s audacity to seek and obtain court injunction to nullify the Odi-Olowo Local Council Development Area primary conducted by the party, stating that it was obtained by default.

Ajomale, in a statement said: “This judgment in respect of Odi-Olowo LCDA was obtained by deception. It was an ambush.

The judge was misled into believing those presented to him as genuine members of the APC have nothing to do with the conduct and organisation of the primaries. “The court process had been on for more than a month, but the party only knew a day before Banire got the judgment. This judgment is frivolous. This is a pyrrhic victory.

The party has set in motion the process of putting down the judgment by way of appeal. We have put together a crack team of senior legal practitioners to properly defend the party. This judgment cannot stand. “With the appeal, the party’s arrangements for the election as fixed by the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) would continue in Mushin and Odi-Olowo and APC members should intensify their ongoing campaigns. They should not be distracted by this irresponsible conduct,” Ajomale said.

A top member of the party said though the APC government has made remarkable achievements in the areas of anti-corruption and security, “The point right now is that our party has no rallying point. When Chief \Olusegun Obasanjo was in power, he either rose to address problems when they arose or asked his VP then, Atiku Abubakar, to handle them. As at today, there is nothing like that.

Even when President Muhammadu Buhari was in the country, crisis would have snowballed into something else before he intervened. “Look at the impasse over confirmation of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, DCP Ibrahim Magu, as chairman, in a government where the same party has commanding majority.

This ding dung is not funny at all. “I can tell you that they will have more crises in the PDP when they start their convention. It will be a free for all like it happened at Lagos LG primaries. Nobody can call anybody to order.

Too, you know they’re supposed to have held their convention, but unfortunately that is a violation of their constitution which provides that the convention be held every two years,” he said.

The PDP, after the partial resolution of its leadership issue last week had said that with the internal crisis, it would sink the APC come 2019,- a point Governor Rochas Okorocha countered, saying that a party that defeated the incumbent while in opposition will do so with ease now that it holds the reins of power.

APC National Publicity Secretary, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, however, said the party is not in disarray, even as he added that it is too early in the day for political parties to start talking about the 2019 general elections.

In an interview with Sunday Telegraph, Abdullahi states that opposition parties should be demanding from APC what they have done and what they are going to do in the next two years and not if they would be able win 2019 general elections
He said: “There is no human relationship where you don’t have semblance of disagreement or acceptance among its members. That cannot be said to mean groups or blocs within it. People should disabuse their minds about groups in APC. The answer is ‘no’ unless you are able to prove how the party is in disarray.”
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Actress Damilola Reacts To Divorce Rumours

Nollywood Actress, Damilola Adegbite has denied rumors that her marriage to Chris Attoh was hitting the rocks.

In a chat with the punch, the 32-year-old tinsel actress said her marriage was fine and people should learn not to meddle into her personal life.
“Part of the price that we pay for being famous is the rumour they peddle against us.

“Some people believe that they have an opinion about your personal life and anyone can just say anything that they like at any time.

“I don’t know where the rumour of my marriage crisis emanated from; neither do I know how it started but we don’t pay attention to things like that. We are used to such talks and we have been in this industry for years, so you can throw anything you want at me or talk about my career.

“I don’t know where that came from but my marriage is fine. “People react to things differently but I laughed when I saw the news. From my post on Instagram, people could see that I was having a ball with the rumour.

“I probably had a bowl of popcorn in my hand as I was reading the comments and we laughed about it. You just need to understand that in this industry, the more you look, the less you see.

“ Sometimes, the things you think you know are not true and vice versa.

“People just need to realise that everybody has their personal lives and we would rather keep it that way,” she said.
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PHOTOS: 43 Surrendered Boko Haram Terrorists Airlifted

Forty-three Boko Haram insurgents who recently surrendered to troops of Operation Lafiya Dole of the Nigerian army, were on Saturday airlifted to join other surrendered insurgents in Gombe where they are to immediately commence a de-radicalization and rehabilitation programme under the auspices of Operation Safe Corridor.

Speaking while handing over the surrendered insurgents to Operation Safe Corridor, the Theatre Commander Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Ibrahim Attahiru gave an assurance that the penitent insurgents will be given a new lease of life as they commence their journey back into the civil society through the de-radicalization and rehabilitation processes. He urged them further to embrace and undertake the programme whole heartedly to enable them to benefit and positively reorient their views about life and the society in general.

It will be recalled that over 70 Boko Haram insurgents had earlier in this month, surrendered to troops of Operation Lafiya Dole in the North East, thus, taking advantage of the window of grace provided by the Federal Government for insurgents who are willing to give up terrorism and turn a new leaf to surrender to any military location closest to them.

General Attahiru called on all other insurgents to abandon the futile struggle and reject the hypocrisy of the Boko Haram leadership who live in affluence, while their foot soldiers die in hunger.

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PHOTOS: Wizkid Performs, Thrills Kenyan Fans Under Heavy Rain

Starboy Worldwide Act, Wizkid performed at the 4th year anniversary of Barbeque live in Nairobi, Kenya.

Wizkid performed all of his hits ranging from Come Closer, African Bad girl, This kind Love and so on.

Despite the heavy downpour of rain, Wizkid made sure his performance would go down as one to remember.

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PHOTOS: FRSC Office In Port Harcourt Flooded, Cars, Generators Damaged

According to a reader,

I was at federal road safety office today at leventis junction Port Harcourt and lo and behold, frsc office was filled with water, some workers were even stranded inside with no way out. over 50 cars, 30 soundproof generators, computers, documents, furnitures, including brand new official vehicles all submerged in flood.

My question is who will pay for the damaged cars because most of these cars belongs to civilians? The water is infested with snakes as it is behind a notorious canal.

I pity the owners of these cars. Even me that is typing this, my own house is filled with water, let NEMA come and share relief materials cos most people will sleep outside today.

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